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Total price $1,254
Drive device, buffer size
4 MB
Writing speed
CD write speed
CD rewrite speed
Reading speed
CD read speed
Access time
Access time
120 ms
Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH)
146 x 202 x 413 mm

Plextor, one of the leading companies for the development and production of CD-ROM drives, CD-Recorders, CD-ReWriters and CD media is expanding its range with the PlexWriter 40/12/40S, which writes CDs at 40-speed, rewrites at 12-speed and reads at 40-speed. The PlexWriter 40/12/40S is the ideal instrument for both professional and private users who want to copy CDs, archive large files, or create multimedia productions. The PlexWriter 40/12/40S comes in internal version with a Tray load mechanism. The Retail package (only available as for the white version) contains: PlexWriter 40/12/40S, 1 blank CD-R disk, 1 blank CD-R/W disk, CD-Recording software Nero + InCD (OEM version), Plextor Utility software (PlexTools), manual in 16 languages, mounting screws, audio cable. The Bulk package contains: PlexWriter 40/12/40S, manual in 16 languages, Plextor Utility software (PlexTools), audio cable. With the PlexWriter 40/12/40S, the user has a perfect all-in-one product for backup, duplication and all multimedia applications. CDs can be written, rewritten and read on a single unit, and at the highest possible speed.

Plextor PLEXWRITER 40X12X40A SCSI, SCSI, 4 MB, 40x, 12x, 40x, 120 ms

Plextor PLEXWRITER 40X12X40A SCSI. Interface: SCSI, Drive device, buffer size: 4 MB. CD write speed: 40x, CD rewrite speed: 12x. CD read speed: 40x. Access time: 120 ms. Dimensions (WxDxH): 146 x 202 x 413 mm

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