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Total price $9,815
Maximum supported storage capacity
342 TB
Weight & dimensions
23.2 kg
Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH)
698.5 x 828 x 88.9 mm

Want to tune your storage for the most visible applications in your complex enterprise environment? EVA provides designed-in virtualization to support your most critical applications as well as your bulk storage needs.

HP 6400/8400 Enterprise Virtual Array automatically improves performance by placing data across more disk drives with tiered storage and tightly integrates replication when using highly visible software applications. The ease of management using HP Command View Software results in less time spent on maintenance and administrative intervention. Higher capacity utilization provides improved performance and manageable storage in a more consolidated environmental footprint.

The EVA6400/8400 allows you to virtualize everything and seamlessly provision your storage when growing your applications. Add virtual servers and EVAs to dynamically build a complete virtualized IT environment—virtual storage for virtual servers tuned for your environment.
- Adapts to improve performance by placing data across more spindles and automatically re-leveling when new storage is added. EVA solutions tightly integrate local and remote replication with highly visible software applications. EVA offers tiered storage for the most effective use of storage dollars.
- The EVA allows you to seamlessly provision storage while growing your applications by adding virtual servers and EVAs dynamically.
- HP offers total solutions for your datacenter, including servers, EVAs, array integrated software, services and support for iSCSI, file and print, backup with Virtual Library System (VLS), data migration with SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP).

HPE EVA8400 22GB Cache Array, 23.2 kg

HPE EVA8400 22GB Cache Array. Weight: 23.2 kg

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