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Total price $2,170
HDD size
HDD capacity
36.7 GB
HDD speed
10000 RPM
Storage drive buffer size
8 MB
HDD number of heads
Average seek time
4.3 ms
Average latency
3 ms
Operating voltage
5 / 12 V
Weight & dimensions
700 g
Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH)
102 x 147 x 26 mm

Maxtor Atlas 10K IV drive is the industry's fastest performing 10K RPM hard disk drive. Its 146GB capacity point and 4.3 ms seek time provide just the right combination of performance and capacity to meet mainstream enterprise hard disk drive market requirements. The Atlas 10K IV drive provides up to a 30% increase in sustained data transfer rates and delivers 9% faster seek times than prior 10K RPM hard disk drive generations. The drive is equipped with the Maxtor second-generation Ultra320 SCSI interface, which includes MaxAdapt, Maxtor's implementation of adaptive active filtration technology. MaxAdapt is a closed-loop method of improving signal quality by amplifying the fundamental frequency of the signal in the receiver while filtering noise and other undesirable components. MaxAdapt allows the drive to adapt to changing system conditions and components. This translates into lower error rates, easier integration, and increased bus efficiency for optimal system performance. MaxAdapt is only available on Maxtor SCSI hard disk drives. The Atlas 10K IV drive is designed to handle the most demanding high-bandwidth and high-capacity enterprise server applications.

Maxtor HD Atlas 10K IV 36GB U320 80Pin 10krpm, 3.5", 36.7 GB, 10000 RPM

Maxtor HD Atlas 10K IV 36GB U320 80Pin 10krpm. HDD size: 3.5", HDD capacity: 36.7 GB, HDD speed: 10000 RPM

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