What is the expected processing time for my order that is currently in stock?
Our aim is to offer superior products at competitive prices while delivering prompt service. we take pride in our industry-leading efficiency, and typically, in-stock orders are processed within minutes of being placed.
How can i determine if an item is currently unavailable or out of stock?
If an item is out of stock, you will notice a label on our website indicating 'call for price.' in such cases, we recommend reaching out to our customer sales representative, who will assist you in placing your order as a backorder.
What occurs if the stock was accessible when i initially placed my order, but it is no longer available now?
If an item becomes unavailable after you have placed your order, it is typically because the stock allocation process occurs after the order has been verified, accepted, and processed. in such cases, you will be notified about the backorder situation. although this situation is rare, it's important to note that stock levels and shipping projections can change between the time of order placement and shipment.
How can i obtain information about the estimated availability of my backordered items?
We are committed to keep you informed about the latest delivery information received from our suppliers regarding backordered items. we strive to provide an eta (estimated time of arrival) for most products that are backordered. in cases where our suppliers do not offer etas, we will do our best to provide you with the most accurate delivery estimates available.additionally, we offer the option to track the availability of out-of-stock items before making a purchase. you can also request email notifications to be alerted when items are back in stock, allowing you to conveniently make your purchase.
What is the course of action if the backordered item is no longer accessible?
If the backordered item is discontinued and no longer available, we will promptly notify you of this situation. our team will make every effort to find a suitable alternative product for you as a replacement. however, if we are unable to locate an appropriate replacement, regrettably, your order will be canceled.
Can i place a pre-order for a newly released product?
Customers have the opportunity to place advance orders for new products. we recognize the desire of customers to acquire the latest products and technologies promptly. once the product becomes available, your order will be promptly shipped. we recommend placing your orders early and joining the backorder list to ensure priority. we strive to fulfill backorders in the sequence they are received.
Do you provide notifications for backordered items?
If you have placed an order for an item that is currently out of stock, we will promptly inform you about the backorder status. additionally, we will provide you with alternative products or items that are available at that time as potential substitutes.

Initiating orders

How does the ordering process work at hard drive world?
You can initiate an order through our e-commerce website, hard drive world. alternatively, we also accept orders through phone, fax, email, and postal mail. for specific contact details, kindly refer to our contact information page.
What is the usual timeframe for order processing?
Most orders received by hard drive world are processed promptly. for orders placed in the u.s.a. before 3:30 pm est from monday to sunday, they typically ship on the same business day. in the case of in-stock orders, processing usually takes just a few minutes from the time of placement.
What options are available for tracking the progress of my order?
At hard drive world, we offer regular updates on the status of your order throughout the entire process. to track your order, simply log into your account on our website and click on the order status button. this will provide you with the latest information regarding the current status of your order.
Can i make changes to an online order after it has been submitted?
If your order has not yet been processed, it may be possible to make modifications. to determine the status of your order, please check the order status on our website. if it is still eligible for changes, kindly contact our customer service department at customer support or call (contact number) to request the necessary modifications. additionally, we offer the option to track the availability of out-of-stock items before making a purchase. you can also opt to receive email notifications when these items are back in stock, allowing you to conveniently make your purchase at your preferred time.
If the email confirmation for my online order is not received, what steps should i take?
Please verify that the email address you provided during the ordering process is accurate. additionally, check any spam filters or folders that may inadvertently classify legitimate emails as spam. it is also worth considering whether your internet service provider may be experiencing delays in delivering emails.to confirm the placement of your order, you can log into the online order status system. if you are unable to locate your order there, please reach out to our customer service team at customer support or call (contact number). our customer support representatives are available monday through sunday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Pricing & payments

Are prices subject to change or fluctuation?
Through our electronic interface, we continuously monitor distributors to ensure competitive pricing and product availability. this enables us to offer the most favorable prices on our items. for further details, kindly refer to the terms and conditions page on our website.
Is it possible for the price of an item to change after i have placed my order?
Once an order is placed, we maintain the price of the products and do not make any changes to it. our commitment is to provide a seamless purchasing experience where the price you see at the time of placing the order remains the same throughout the process.
What payment methods does hard drive world accept for transactions?
Due to a significant increase in fraudulent credit card purchases from international customers, we have implemented measures to protect against such activities. as a result, we reserve the right to impose restrictions, delays, or cancellations on credit card purchases billed or shipped to foreign addresses. to ensure secure payment processing, we may require wire transfer as the preferred payment method. our wire transfer services are accessible to customers worldwide and are designed to be user-friendly.
Which credit cards are accepted as payment at hard drive world?
Credit cards provide a convenient and prompt method for payment verification at hard drive world. we accept major credit cards, including american express, visa, and mastercard. it is important to note that verification of these credit cards may take up to 7 business days.
What are the usual payment terms offered to customers with credit accounts?
The customary payment terms for credit account customers entail a payment period of 30 days starting from the date of the invoice, unless there is a mutually agreed arrangement in written form. in the event that payment is not received by the due date, we retain the right to apply interest charges on the remaining balance. for business customers, the interest rate is set at 18% per annum, while for consumers, it is 5% per annum.


How can your sales representative support me regarding product packaging and specifications information?
While our website offers comprehensive information regarding the specifications of our products, we understand that you may have specific inquiries or require further details. in such cases, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. you can contact our customer service representative at customer support or call (contact number) to receive the necessary support and clarification. they will be more than happy to address your queries and provide you with the required information on product specifications.
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